I have a not-so-secret, less-adventurous-than-usual passion: bowling. Whether it’s candlepin or 10-pin, there’s hardly a more satisfying sensation than slipping on those well-worn shoes and slamming a strike down the center of the lane. I wouldn’t, however, want to slip my 12-pound Brunswick Crown Jewel onto my head and wear it around like a helmet—even if it offered an unmatched level of safety.

Unfortunately, that’s how motorsport and adventure racing helmets often feel—like bulky, bulbous, burdensome bowling balls that weigh your head down to the point of neck strain.

If you’re in the market for a sleeker, safer alternative, then I’ve got something special in store for you.


One major part of my job is equipping folks with the proper gear to take on New Hampshire’s mighty and majestic wilderness—which can be as bumpy as it is beautiful. That’s why headgear is a top priority at our Bear Rock Outdoor Adventure store, and the most common request I receive is “Hook me up with the lightest possible helmet for my money.”

Evidently, bowling balls aren’t a popular choice for outdoor action sports lovers.

The 509 Altitude 2.0 Carbon Fiber Helmet, however, piques every adventure enthusiast’s curiosity. To me, the difference between reveling in a rewarding ride and feeling too tired to keep your head held high comes down to the heft of your helmet. After two seasons on my sled and SXS, I can say without a doubt that this baby feels as light as a second set of hair. And, though it’s a premium product, you can’t put a price on safety—or a fresh, non-aching neck after a long day of hitting the trails.

Carbon fiber is the pinnacle of lightweight, safety-standard-smashing helmet materials. That’s why it’s the choice of Formula 1, NASCAR, and Indy Car drivers alike—and they all go a touch faster than a snowmobile or ATV can manage. The Altitude 2.0 not only utilizes this trusted and time-proven polymer but also pairs it with impeccable craftsmanship and intricate attention to detail.

For starters, the easily accessible vents on the brow and chin bar can be quickly operated with one hand as you ride, glide, or stride. What’s more, the removable impermeable plugs perfectly seal up every open orifice for water and snow-tight cruising. If you’ve been using a breath box in the past, wave goodbye to the awkward, uncomfortable strapping and hello to maximum facial freedom.

When it comes to fit and feel, the interior lining is silky smooth, superbly soft, and conspicuously high-quality. My average oval-shaped noggin nestles snugly into my cushy crown while still letting my sides and scalp breathe freely. And, speaking of breathing freely, the fully adjustable visor allows you to customize your visibility and airflow on the fly—all without the need for tools or technicians.

Personally, I pair my Altitude 2.0 Carbon with the 509 Kingpin Fuzion Flow Offroad Goggle and the Speedsta Black Gold Colorway with the El Dorado Mirror Sunset Tint. So, if you see me out on the trails with my head held high, you’ll know it’s because my gear’s weight is low, low, low. And, if you’re spending the dough to hit the back forty with friends and family, don’t skimp out on the helmet from the Bear Rock Outdoor Adventure Store—your neck will thank you at the end of the day!

Drive it like you stole it,


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