Think of all the best activities to do in Pittsburg and the surrounding area. I’m talking ALL of them, including: 

  • Hooking trout on Diamond Pond 
  • Boating around the Connecticut Lakes 
  • ATV riding New Hampshire-style with magnificent landscapes  
  • Reconnecting with nature while glamping at Bear Rock’s new Stewartstown, NH campground  
  • Hiking The Great North Woods’ hundreds of miles of trails 
  • Grilling up those aforementioned trout 
  • Chopping wood for the campfire 
  • Kayaking the East Inlet 
  • Admiring vibrant autumn leaves 
  • Biking the trails at Deer Mountain 
  • Enjoying breakfast poutine at Full Send  
  • Feasting on a lunch of delectable bar bites at the Buck Rub 

For all this and everything else New Hampshire (and beyond) has to offer, there’s the Howler Bros Loggerhead Hoodie

Howler Bros was founded in Austin, Texas in 2010 after friends Chase Heard and Andy Stepanian embarked on a surfing adventure to Costa Rica. Every morning, Chase and Andy were awoken by the boisterous, bassy call of what came to be the brand’s namesake: the howler monkey. Skip ahead about a decade and a half, and they now boast a full lineup of sleek, stylish, and smart men’s apparel with a keen respect for our environment.  


Not to put down the rest of our inventory (as you can see from my 509 Carbon Fiber Helmet Review, I love all of our products) but the Loggerhead Hoodie may be THE best buy at Bear Rock. It’s the sheer versatility of this piece that makes it such a gallant garment. On spring days, you can layer it up for early morning fishing sessions and shed it once the sun comes out. Summertime may get steamy, but the chill of twilight kayak cruises, speedy Polaris RZR rides, and nighttime barbeques can shake your bones without a solid Loggerhead hoodie to slide on. And, for those crisp fall hikes, the Loggerhead will keep you warm and sweat-free—its 100% polyester build breathes like a third lung. 

Steve, one of our co-founders, has uninhibited access to our entire inventory, and what does he decide to wear the most? That’s right, the Howler Bros Loggerhead Hoodie

When I asked why, he simply said, “I love this thing. It’s light, soft, and breathes.” Well, Steve, that’s exactly why the Loggerhead was created: to be the perfect technical hoodie while simultaneously looking fantastic for everyday wear. Whether it’s on Steve’s muscular frame or my dashing dad bod, the Loggerhead wears wonderfully and makes us both feel comfortable in our own skin—a rare thing to find amongst modern, ultra-fitted garments. 


The Loggerhead doesn’t just look and feel amazing—it’s likewise interwoven with a plethora of powerful features, including: 

  • A microfiber zippered stash pocket to protect your most important items during the bumpiest of Ride the Wilds NH adventures 
  • Cuff thumb loops to keep your hands warm on early morning hikes, rides, and fishing trips 
  • A UPF rating of 35+ to keep your skin safe once the sun’s rays start beating down 
  • A reinforced kangaroo pouch for when you need to do some serious stashing 

Picture this scenario: you’re out on the pontoon boat with some friends. At first, it’s chilly, but your Loggerhead’s soft hood, handy thumb holes, and warm design are keeping you cozy (plus, you look sensational). Suddenly, the summer sun starts to heat up. Where do you go to cool off? Into the lake, of course—hoodie and all! 

When you emerge from the water, have no fears! This fabric will drain, breathe, and keep on keeping you cool—all without the shrink-wrapped feeling of a wet cotton t-shirt restricting your movements.  

Oh, and did I mention the Loggerhead is going for just $69? 

We’ve also got several dashing color options in stock here at Bear Rock: 

Stop by the shop to try them on or, if you know your size, look for your Loggerhead in our online store and begin howling with the brothers sooner. 

Heed the call, 


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