The first thing I do when it comes to a product review is find out how to pronounce the name, what it means, who started the company, and why. For Vuori, it’s pronounced VORR RI, and fun fact — the word means mountain in Finnish. Joe Kudla started the brand in 2015 in Carlsbad, California. 

The second thing I do, especially for a product I don’t personally own, is to look for reviews. I don’t read good reviews. I read the bad ones and look for patterns — and then yes, I actually look for solutions to help customers and chime into the reviews.

The final thing I do is get my hands on the product. If it’s a garment, I turn it inside out and look at the seams for quality and precision. For men’s garments in particular, I see if it passes the “bro test.” If it’s too soft, men won’t necessarily buy it, but women might buy it for their men. I decide if it’s cool enough to be worn at the Buck Rub Pub here in Pittsburg, yet made well enough to handle changing a tire on a half-ton and still look good afterward.

Lastly, price is a thing and so is the environment. How many twenty-dollar bills will have to come out of that purse or wallet to purchase the product and was the product made with the environment in mind?

Ok, enough rambling, onto the review …

The Vuori line of clothing is made for active lifestyles. Here at Bear Rock, we are known for more than just Bear Rock rentals. At our Outdoor Adventure Store, we carry options for men and women who enjoy exploring the outdoors or simply want loungewear that feels good.

There are a few things that make this brand so good. The first is how incredibly soft their garments are — Vuori almost feels like super, high-end cashmere and is very well made. They have a technology called DreamKnit, which makes select garments even softer! The women’s Halo Essential Hoodie, which we carry in-store, is worth every penny and is sure to become a favorite. Perfect for lunch with friends, post-hike, or simply throw on for the laziest of Sundays.  All of that in a hoodie that’s $50 under its closest competitor.

For the men, the same fabric technology is used and there are some garments with Vuori’s DreamKnit treatment as well. A standout in my mind is the short sleeve Bridge Button Down shirt. Not too soft, not too “starchy”, just the right mix to be comfortable, breathable, and of course stylish. With colors suitable for a daytime barbeque with family or an evening out up here in the North Country, look good and feel great. What adventurer doesn’t want that? Comb your beard, grab your flip-flops, and button up your new Bridge shirt — you’re ready for a night out, glamping New Hampshire style, or a ride on a 2 seat Polaris RZR.

A few more things that make the Vuori brand great are that all their products are made with recycled plastic bottles.  Even the hang tags are made from recycled material. It’s a win/win because exploring responsibly is definitely a thing up here. Lastly, the price point beats any competitor out there in the soft-as-can-be-active-apparel market. If you find anything that costs less, I guarantee it won’t be near the same quality as a Vuori garment. 

Come on into the store, say hello and let us show you how great the Vuori brand is. But be warned, once you try it on, you won’t want to leave without it!


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